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This article talks about E-commerce also known as Electronic Commerce and eBusiness, it is the buying and selling of goods and services with no barriers of time or distance over an electronic network, primarily the internet.E-commerce can back you up in your book marketing and sales for your readers to have the easy accessibility and wide opportunity of your book. Web telah mampu mengingkatkan kepedulian pelanggan terhadap merek, namun demikian para marketing masih menginginkan lebih dari itu. Marketing menginginkan pelanggan harus cepat dapat melihat, mengenal dan peduli terhadap produk atau merek yang diperkenalkan oleh perusahaan. Web memberikan kemungkinan untuk melakukan hal tersebut, bahkan pemasar dapat menghemat biaya cetak brosur, katalog atau profil perusahaan dan ongkos kirim kepada pelanggan. Melalui Web, marketing dapat dengan mudah mendapatkan pengunjung atau kelompok masyarakat yang tertarik pada hal-hal khusus.

Surprisingly, the Nagaland Gaming Act, 2016 has not been made public by the government of Nagaland so far.

Perry4Law Organisation (P4LO) has already contacted the Nagaland government and has requested for the official documents in this regard so that we can share the same with gaming stakeholders. For the time being, Perry4Law Law Firm has provided an analysis of the Nagaland Gaming Act, 2016 based on the publicly available information and inputs. Please see the Nagaland Prohibition of Gambling and Promotion and Regulation of Online Games of Skill Bill 2015: Salient Features (pdf) for the complete analysis.

Marketing dapat memasang iklan web (web advertising) melakukan pencarian ditampilkan banner iklan perusahaan yang memungkinkan pengunjung langsung mengklik (click through) pada banner tersebut. Kemudian pengunjung akan masuk ke situs perusahaan tersebut. Sekalipun memasang iklan di search engines masih relatif mahal bagi perusahaan kecil menengah namun banyak cara yang serupa dapat dilakukan di berbagai situs-situs yang banyak sikunjungi. Memasang iklan di web masih relatif lebih murah dibandingkan dengan memasang iklan pada media lainnya. Web akan sangat membantu bagi perusahaan yang ingin melakukan direct marketing.

Of course, e-commerce isn't just about access; it's about buying and selling.
Some Internet users do much more browsing than buying.

What makes Chinese consumers the world's trendsetters in e-commerce is that China's huge online and mobile Internet audience are buying things at staggering rates. This year, for the first time, Asia-Pacific e-commerce purchases will outstrip those of North America. Within three years, the region's numbers will dwarf North America's, and 75 percent of that spending will happen in China.

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